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Julie Love UDip CTBM
Rally Classes

Classes are held outdoors at Maidford and indoors at Woodford Halse in the summer.
Winter is indoors only at Woodford Halse.

What is Rally?

The version of Rally we use is Talking Dogs Rally.
TD Rally is a fun and exciting activity to enjoy with your dog; based on Charles Kramer's original idea of linking a series of exercises together to form a course. TD Rally takes this to the next level!

Taught in a relaxed atmosphere, you will learn how to negotiate a TD Rally course, following the numbers, reading the station signs and helping your dog through each exercise.
A sense of humour is required!!
Rally Workshops

These are either half day or whole day sessions for people new to the sport.
They are held throughout the year.
Trainers can arrange for a workshop to take place at their own venue. See the workshops page.
For more information on Rally classes available please contact Julie
For those keen to compete Rally Trials are held up and down the country see the Talking Dogs web site for more information
NEW Rally course starting Monday 9th January 2012
Rally for Beginners